Stand up komiker: Ryan Bussell

Ryan Bussell är en uppskattad amerikansk komiker som uppträder på både svenska och engelska, utifrån era önskemål. Han har även möjlighet att vara konferencier i olika sammanhang för att kunna bidra till ett lyckat arrangemang för er.  Ryan Bussell berättar själv:

”I’m an American living in Sweden since 2006. Grew up in New Jersey, then lived in Boston for a decade before moving overseas. Like almost all foreigners I followed a woman here; like almost all of them I broke up with that woman, stayed in Sweden and ended up with someone new. I am what Swedes refer to as a ”love refugee”.

My comedy career began here and I’ve now performed in eight countries- Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Ireland, England, Germany, France, and the US, of course. In the last three years I’ve been on stage over 300 times (yes, I keep count), each gig lasting 5 – 50 minutes, depending on the venue. I also host quite often at Maffia Comedy Club, one of the two largest free comedy clubs in Stockholm.

In addition, I founded Taboo Comedy Club in 2012 with my partner, Therese Sandin. Also a free club, we’ve had comics from rookies with less than ten gigs to headliners who perform frequently at RAW and Norra Brunn, the two largest (and charging cover) clubs in Stockholm. Our Spring 2013 season finale was headlined by Al Pitcher, 2012’s Comic of the Year and one of today’s most successful comics touring Sweden. We’ve been able to book these comics by being active on the comedy scene and building close relationships.

Hosting a night and performing are two different things; as host it’s my job to maintain a strong atmosphere and keep the crowd happy (and, occasionally, keep them in line).”

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